Managing Your Account Settings

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Managing your account settings

You can edit your account information on your  Account page. This includes your name, email address and password. Your Account page also displays your license information and your purchase history.

To edit your account information:

1. Login to  your account.
2. Click the Edit Profile tab on the left-hand menu.
3. Update your account details.
4. Click Submit
If you'd like to update your payment information on file, please see the instructions below.
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Managing payment information

How to update your payment information in your account.
It is important that you keep a valid credit card on file so that your subscription to Ghost Browser is not interrupted.
To update your credit card information:
1. Log into  your account.
2. Click the Subscriptions tab on left-hand menu.
3. Click the Update Payment Method link in the Actions column next to the subscription you want to update.
4. Enter your new payment information and then click the Update Payment Method button.
Note: This will update your default card on file for all of your subscriptions.
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Canceling your Premium subscription

To cancel your Premium subscription to Ghost Browser:

Note: If you received a promotional rate for your subscription and cancel it, you will not be able to get the same rate if you re-subscribe.
1. Log into  your account.
2. In the Subscriptions section, click Cancel in the Actions column for the subscription you want to cancel.
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Viewing and downloading invoices

Obtaining your invoice for your records.

The  Account page lets you view invoices for all of your subscriptions and download any invoice as a .pdf. This invoice includes the following information about your subscription:
  • Payment information
  • Subscription details
  • Products purchased
1. Go to your  Account page.
2. On the Subscriptions tab, click Invoice & License Keys in the Actions column of the subscription for the invoice you want to view.
3. To view the invoice as a .pdf, click the View Invoice link. 
4. When viewing the invoice you can download a .pdf by clicking the Download Invoice link.
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