Update Your Payment Method

There are two ways to update your payment based on whether your renewal order has failed or you are preemptively updating the card on a subscription. Both methods are described below. 

Fixing a Failed Payment

If you have had a failed payment update your payment method through the order history: 

  1. Go the Payment History tab in your account page.
  2. Find the order that failed.
  3. Click Pay.
  4. Complete the payment form. 
  5. When you are done we suggest you follow the steps below to update any other 'Active Subscriptions' you may have to use this new card as well. 
Please see the image below for help. 

 Updating an Active Subscription

If your subscriptions are still active with no failed payments, please follow these instructions. 

  1. Go to the Subscriptions tab in your account page. 
  2. Find the subscription you want to update the payment for and click 'Details'. (If you want to update all subscriptions, just pick any one subscription for now)
  3. Click 'Change Payment'.
  4. Update your card and note there is a check box to apply the change to all of your subscriptions. You should check this if you want to change the card for all subscriptions or if your card is going to expire.

Please see the image below for help: 

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