Managing Your Licenses

Ghost Browser uses a login system (username and password) to activate the browser. Premium plans are assigned to an email address using our license system. Instructions for how to manage your licenses for both individuals and for teams can be found below.
For Individuals
For individuals purchasing licenses for yourself, you will not need to assign your licenses to yourself as they will be automatically assigned to you during checkout. Below is a screenshot of what a correctly assigned license looks like your account. If your email isn't automatically entered as seen in the screenshot below, please click here to add it.

To purchase Ghost Browser Premium Licenses please follow the instructions below.
1.  To purchase a Ghost Browser Premium License please click  here.
Note: If you already have an account, make sure to log into your account so that your licenses are added to your current account. If you're a new subscriber please create an account.
2.  After purchasing licenses, you will be directed to a purchase confirmation page that lists your subscription details as well as a link to download a .pdf of your invoice.
3.  To view your new subscription go to  your account page
4. You can also see the subscription information for your license by clicking the Subscription tab. On this tab you can view your subscription status, the renewal date and update the payment method on file in your account by clicking the Update Payment Method link in the Actions column.

For Team Admins

For instructions on managing bulk licenses for your team please click here.

Need help?  Contact us.