Private Data Sync

What is It? 

Private Data Sync is a unique approach to storing and syncing your web browser's data. In the spirit of supporting users who believe they should own their own data, we've created Private Data Sync capabilities so you can store your browser data to any storage solution you want - not one that we own - and access it from anywhere. 

Here's how it works: 

  1. Choose a place to store your data. It could be Dropbox,, Google Drive, OneDrive, some service we've never heard of or maybe even a service you set up on your own. The key is it should have capabilities to sync data like these popular services already do. 
  2. Next choose what you want to sync. In the beta release, you can sync bookmarks only. Soon we will allow you to sync your Workspaces, Identities, autofill data, search history and hopefully sessions and cookies. 

How Do I Use It?

Private Data Sync is off by default. To turn it on you need to select where you want to store your data and then choose what data to sync. 

  1. Go to Menu-->Settings 
  2. Use the Search feature to find the Private Data Search Settings and click Manage. 
  3. Next Check the box to Enable Private Data Sync.
  4. Check the boxes to indicate what data you want to store.
  5. Click browse to choose the folder you would like to store and sync your Ghost Browser data to.
  6. Finally select a Private Sync Code that you will use to unlock the data when you access it from Ghost Browser on another computer.
  7. Click Apply and you selected data will begin to sync.

When you are ready to access your data on another copy of Ghost Browser on a different computer it's a similar process with one extra caveat.

1. Make sure you have your sync service installed on both computers. For example if you are using Dropbox, then you should have Dropbox installed on both computers to make sure you can access the shared folder. 

2. On the second computer, again go to Menu-->Settings and find the Private Data Sync Settings.

3. Select the same folder and add the same private sync code you did on the original computer.