Does Ghost Browser Track My Browsing History?

No, Ghost Browser does not track your browsing history! 
Even though we require you to sign into the browser, we do not and will not track your browsing behavior. And your browsing behavior will in no way be tied to your email address.
Why we don’t track the websites you visit
We have no idea what you do while using Ghost Browser, nor do we want to.
One of the reasons online advertisers track you is so they can serve you targeted ads based on the websites you visit. We don't think displaying targeted ads increases your productivity, so we don't want them in Ghost Browser. Since we are not selling ads, we don't need to track your browsing habits. It's that simple.
The only time we will ask for browsing information is when you report a bug. Our system collects the open URLs at the time of the report so we can replicate the behavior. However, including this information is entirely optional, so you can either close sensitive websites before submitting the bug report, or uncheck the Send system information option.
How we protect your passwords and auto login data
Worried about your saved passwords and auto login data? We are too, which is why they are stored locally on your computer. They are never transmitted to our servers and never will be until we introduce a sync feature, about which you will be sufficiently warned and will need to opt IN to, not out of.

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