Getting Browser and Extension Updates

Due to the delicate nature of how Ghost Browser interacts with the web, we push all updates to all users. When we believe some users might not like features in an update, we try to provide a setting to allow them to toggle those settings off, however, it's not really practical for us to make updates optional as it would lead to extreme unpredictability in the functionality of Ghost Browser's custom features. 

Below are instructions for making sure updates are applied to your browser and extensions. 

Browser Updates

When we release a browser update it will automatically be pushed to all users. The process happens like this: 

  1. The version checker icon in your extension tool bar (shown below) will change to a 'Gear' icon.
  2. If you mouse over the version checker icon, you will see the status indicating progress on downloading the updating. During this process please do not close your browser.
  3. When the update has been downloaded the "Gear" icon will change to an exclamation point (!). This means the update has been fully downloaded. 
  4. At this point you should restart your browser by going to Menu > Exit in your browser. Simply closing your browser will not reliably apply the update so please choose 'Exit'. 
  5. After restarting your browser, you can click the version checker icon as shown above to see what version you have. 

If the update is failing for some reason, please see this article.

Extension Updates

Generally, when we release a new version of the browser, we will package all new versions of extensions that are designed for that version of the browser. However, this is not always the case and we often push extension updates in the middle of our browser development cycle, so they can happen more frequently than browser updates. 

Here's how extension updates work: 

  1. We update and release a new version of an extension.
  2. Every six hours your browser will check for extension updates and download any that are available. That means that if your browser is open, you will get the update anywhere between 1 minute and 6 hours later, depending on where you are in your six hour cycle.
  3. The extension will be updated in your browser and applied immediately. You do not need to restart the browser in order for the extension to be updated.

To check your extension version numbers, please go Menu-->Extensions and click the 'Details' button for the extension you would like to check.