Changing Your DNS Settings

Ghost Browser interacts with your Operating System settings to use third party DNS resolution tools. These tools are mostly reliable but are subject to failure. If you are having a connection or other issue with the browser, you can change your Operating System settings to use a different DNS service. Below we will show you how to do this using using Google's DNS or Cloudflare's DNS, both of which have high reliability. 

DNS Settings 

Please choose one of the following: 

Google DNS 

Preferred DNS:
Alternate DNS:

Cloudflare DNS

Preferred DNS:
Alternate DNS:

Once you've selected your provider, use the DNS settings to plug in below. 


  1. Go to Settings -> Network and Internet -> Advanced Network Settings ->View Additional Properties.
  2. Under the 'DNS Server Assignment' setting, click Edit.
  3. Turn the IPv4 setting to 'on'.
  4. Enter the "Preferred" DNS from the provider you selected above as your preferred DNS: (i.e. for Google or for Cloudflare)
  5. Select "Encrypted preferred, Unencrypted Allowed".
  6. Enter the "Alternate" DNS from the provider you selected above as your alternate DNS: (i.e. for Google or for Cloudlfare)
  7. Select "Encrypted preferred, Unencrypted Allowed".
  8. Save the settings

NOTE: If you use a mobile tethering solution for your internet connection, please repeat steps 4-7 above for IPv6 settings as well.

If your issue is not resolved immediately, please exit and restart the browser. See the guide below for your settings on Windows 10. 


Using the DNS server settings ( and above follow these instructions from Apple to navigate to your DNS preferences, then follow steps 4-8 from the PC Instructions above.