Table of contents:

Module Tasks helps to organize your To Do tasks and increase productivity. It is available only in a New Sidebar.

Add Tasks Module

Click a 'plus' button below the modules to Add a Module

Chose Tasks from the list

You can make it to be a Global Module that is included in each Workspace of a current Profile.

If you don't mark 'Global module' option then Tasks module is included only in the Active Workspace.

Remove Tasks Module

Click on the three dots menu of the Tasks module -> Remove

Task Lists

Create a new Task List

You need to click on three dots menu in the top right corner of the Tasks module and chose 'Create a new task list'

Once you click to 'Create a new task list' a new tab is opened where you can rename/change title of your Task list and add Tasks to it.

Manage all Task Lists

In a separate tab you can see all your Task Lists 

You can Create a new Task List, Pin your Task List, remove it or drag and drop to change the order.

Pin a Task List

Click on the needed Task List three dots menu -> Pin

Remove a Task List

Click on the needed Task List three dots menu -> Delete


Create a new Task

You can create a new Task in several ways:

1. Use 'New task' field under the Task List title in the Tasks Module area

2. Click 'Open in a separate tab' icon

Put 'New task' title under the Task List

Rename a Task

Just click on the Task title and change it as you wish

Complete a Task

Once the task is complete mark a checkbox prior the task title

The checkbox becomes green and the task is moved to Completed tasks section

If you need to make it uncomplete again for some reason, you should unmark the checkbox and it will be moved back to active tasks section.

Reorder Tasks

Just hover over the 6 dots icon next to the task you would like to move and drag and drop it to the place you need.

Remove a Task

Hover over the task you would like to remove and click on the close icon