Using Proxies

Using proxies in Ghost Browser 

Proxies make it appear that you are located in the same place as the proxy server by changing your IP address. For example, you might use different proxies in Ghost Browser in order to test web pages in the US, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

You can use proxies in Ghost Browser three ways:

  1. Ghost Proxy Control: Our custom extension lets you assign a different proxy to each tab, Identity, or Workspace. It is the most powerful proxy solution currently available for any browser and allows true separation of contextual identities by splitting your browsing across different IP addresses. See this article for more information.
  2. System proxy: You can also set your system proxy in Chrome, which changes your IP address for all of your browsers, including Ghost Browser.
  3. Chrome extensions: You can use any Chrome extensions that are made for managing proxies from the Chrome web store.

You can read more about proxies in Ghost Browser here.

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