Using Applescript with Ghost Browser

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Opening a profile with Applescript

Applescript is a scripting language created by Apple which helps macOS users automate specific work processes. You can use Applescript to automatically launch a particular profile when you open Ghost Browser, open new Session tabs or open tabs in a chosen Identity.
To do this, navigate to your Ghost Browser user data folder.
  • For PCs: Go to C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\GhostBrowser\User Data.
  • For Macs: Go to /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/GhostBrowser.
This directory contains folders such as “Default”, “Profile 1”, and so on which correspond to your profiles.
To automatically open a specific profile, you can use the following Applescript (where <Profile name> would be replaced with a profile such as Default, Profile 1, etc.):
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Opening a tab with Applescript

To automatically open a tab in a new Session use the following Applescript:

Automatically open a tab in the Global Session

Use the following Applescript:

Open a tab in an existing Identity

It's also possible to open a tab in an existing Identity using the following:
When opening a tab in an Identity, it's similar to opening a tab in a Session. The scripts are similar:
If you would like to open a new tab at end of the tabs in window 2 with properties {identity: "<identity_name>"}   
Where window 2, window 1 etc. depends on the script content and the windows running in the browser.

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