Options for How Ghost Browser Starts

Options for How Ghost Browser Starts

You can set Ghost Browser to automatically display either your general browsing Workspace when you open it or a new blank Workspace if you prefer to start with a fresh slate every day. 

To set startup behavior:

1. From Ghost Browser, click the browser menu (three-dot menu) in the upper right corner of the browser and select  Settings.

2. Choose your startup behavior from the  On startup section.

  • Selecting "New blank Workspace" will open a blank Workspace with only one tab open.
  • Selecting "General Browsing" will launch your General Browsing Workspace, the first in your list of saved Workspaces.

3. That’s it! Your selection is automatically saved by Ghost Browser.

Windows Users: If you selected to open your "General Browsing" as your on startup behavior, make sure that the "Continue running background apps when Ghost Browser is closed" checkbox is not selected in the System section.

MacOS users: You must quit the browser (not just close the windows) in order to save your startup behavior. If you don't quit and restart Ghost Browser, this setting will default to "New blank Workspace". To quit Ghost Browser press the Cmd + Q keys on your keyboard.

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