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Workspaces allow you to save a set of tabs including their authentication state to return to later with one click. 

Workspaces are designed to function like a to-do list with the ability to... 

  • Archive and Un-Archive Workspaces 
  • Schedule recurring Workspaces (coming soon!) 
  • Add and remove tabs in a Workspace even when you're working in a different Workspace (coming soon!) 
  • Edit tab lists while working in another Workspace 
  • Drag-and-drop to reorder Workspaces 
  • We'll add more exciting and helpful features to the Sidebar and Workspaces in upcoming releases! 

Saving a Set of Tabs to a Workspace 

You can save tabs to a Workspace in two ways; Start a new blank Workspace for a clean workspace and add tabs to it, or Duplicate a current Workspace. 

If you want to start a blank Workspace with no tabs in it to give you a clean workspace

  1. Using the Sidebar, click the + sign from the menu. 

2.  Name your Workspace and hit the Enter key. 

A new blank Workspace will open. You can open tabs in your browser as normal and they'll be automatically added to your new Workspace. 

Duplicate a current Workspace

  1. Hover over the Workspace you want to duplicate and click the overflow menu (3 dots) that appears. 
  2. Select Duplicate

  3.  Name your Workspace and hit OK

In this example above, the tabs opened in the "Workspace 1" Workspace have been duplicated and saved as your new Workspace. You can now edit the new Workspace to fit your needs. 

Your Workspace will briefly close and the duplicated Workspace will open under the new Workspace name. 

Re-Ordering Workspaces in your list

To re-order the Workspaces in your Workspace list, click the Workspace title and drag-n-drop your Workspaces in the order you want them to appear. 

Opening multiple Workspaces 

Ghost Browser defaults to allow you to open one Workspace at a time because Workspaces are designed to keep you focused on a single task at a time. However some users expressed a desire to open more than one Workspace at once, so we created a workaround for this. 

Note that the current limit to the number of Temporary Identities you can open at once is 25. In the meantime, you can open more than 25 Temporary Identities by opening multiple Workspace at once.

Note: This feature is available to Premium customers only. 

To open another Workspace 

  1. Click the Profile Manager in the upper right-hand corner of the browser and select Manage People. Then follow the steps to create an additional profile

    Note: If you want to use a previously created profile, simply select that profile here.

  2. A new Ghost Browser Workspace opens within the new profile. You can now open a second Workspace in that second profile.
  3. Note: The new profile is also added to the profile list that appears when you click the profile icon.

Workspaces from one profile are not visible to Workspaces in another profile, it creates a totally separate browser instance so keep this in mind when organizing your work. 

Freezing and Un-Freezing Workspaces 

Un-Frozen Workspaces

As you work in any of your Workspaces, Ghost Browser saves that particular Workspace's history. So if you open a Workspace that has five tabs, then add 3 more tabs while working, the Workspace will now have those same 8 tabs the next time you open it. 

This is an Un-Frozen list of tabs, meaning the list of tabs in your Workspace is subject to change as you're working. This is ideal for Workspaces you want to use with a "pick up where you left off" experience. 

Frozen Workspaces 

If you have a Workspace with 5 tabs and Freeze that Workspace, then it will always have those 5 tabs when you open that Workspace, regardless of what you do while working in it. 

This is ideal for Workspaces you want to use with a boilerplate experience, sort of like a checklist for repeatable tasks you complete on a regular basis. 

How to Freeze the tabs in a Workspace 
    1.  Hover over the Workspace you want to Freeze and click the overflow menu (3 dots).

    2.  Select Freeze Tab Set from the menu.  You'll now notice a lock icon to the left of the Workspace name indicating the Tab Set in that Workspace is Frozen.  

Want to Un-Freeze the tabs in your Workspace

Follow the same instructions above but this time select, Unfreeze tab set. You'll notice the lock icon is no longer present next to your Workspace name indicating that the tabs in that Workspace are no longer Frozen. 

How to use Workspace Freezing and Un-Freezing

When you create a Workspace, you're saving a series of tabs and Identities that you use frequently. For example, if you’re a social media manager with three clients, you can open all of your client's social media pages in different Identities, log into all of them and save them all as one Workspace. 

By default, when you open an Un-Frozen Workspace, Ghost browser displays the tabs that were open when you last closed the Workspace, even if that means you had 50+ tabs when you last closed the Workspace. 

Freezing a Workspace allows you to return to a particular state for a set of tabs and Identities, no matter where your browsing journey takes you. 

If you Freeze a Workspace that displays the Twitter Notifications tab for 6 of your clients' accounts, even if you open 30 more tabs before closing that Workspace, the next time you open that Workspace the only 6 tabs you'll see will be your 6 different client's Twitter Notifications tabs. 

This is great for people who tend to open a lot of tabs while working but would like to return to a 'clean' workstation every day. 

Renaming a Workspace 

You can rename your Workspaces in order to make Workspace contents easy to identify at a glance. 

To rename a Workspace: 

1.  Hover over the Workspace you want to rename and click the overflow menu (3 dots). 

2.  Select  Edit Workspace from the menu. 

    3.  Rename your Workspace and click  Ok

    Archiving a Workspace 

    If you're someone who loves to check things off a to-do list then you're going to love the ability to Archive a Workspace. 

    Archiving a Workspace is a great way to keep track of your progress and also keep your workspace clean. 

    The great thing about Archiving a Workspace instead of deleting it is that Archived Workspaces can be Restored. Deleted Workspaces cannot be restored. 

    To Archive a Workspace 

    1.  Click the box to the left of the Workspace title to Archive the Workspace. 

    2.  It will display as Archived and move down to the archived Workspaces section at the bottom of the Workspace list titled, Archived Workspaces. 

    To Restore an Archived Workspace 

  1.  Go to Archive section below the list with Workspaces 
  2.  Hover over the Workspace you want to restore and click the overflow menu (3 dots)
  3. Click Restore           

Deleting a Workspace 

Deleted Workspaces cannot be restored. If you want to temporarily archive a Workspace you can do that by Archiving the Workspace. Instructions to Archive a Workspace can be found above. 

If you want to delete a Workspace completely 
  1. Hover over the Workspace name and click the overflow menu (3 dots). 
  2. From the menu select, Delete Workspace.

    Note: The "General Browsing" Workspace cannot be deleted. You can rename it but it can't be deleted.

The 'General Browsing' Workspace

What is it?

When you first launch Ghost Browser you'll notice that you already have one Workspace in your list called, 'General Browsing'.

We created this Workspace to help you understand how Workspaces function, but also so that you would have a space to use for "free style" browsing like you would in any other browser. 

How to use it

The same great Identity and tab management features are available in the General Browsing Workspace as well, but you can think of this as the place where web browsing happens. 

We encourage you to set up specific Workspaces for focused work in order to help you be more productive. 

The General Browsing Workspace can be renamed, but it can not be archived or deleted. You can reorder it in your Workspace list to appear in any position you want by dragging and dropping it into the desired position in your Workspace list. 

Some people use their General Browsing Workspace to check personal email and get a quick run-down on the news before jumping into more focused Workspaces one-by-one to work through the daily tasks that need to be accomplished. 

The General Workspace opens by default when you launch the browser. So it's a great space to keep your tasks that you do first thing every day.

Rename The General Browsing Workspace

To rename the General Workspace you can use the following two ways:

1. Click the three dots menu and select Edit.

2. Enter a new name and click OK.

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