Importing bookmarks and settings from other browsers

You can easily import your Safari, IE, Firefox, and Chrome browser data into Ghost Browser. If you're coming from Chrome you can even import your extensions by following the instruction located here.

We take your privacy seriously. When you import this information into Ghost Browser, it is stored locally and is never transmitted through our servers.

To import your data from your old browser to Ghost Browser:

  1. From Ghost Browser, click the browser menu in the upper right corner and select Import Setting and Chrome Extensions. The Import bookmarks and settings window will open.

  2. Use the From menu to select the browser for which you want to import the data into Ghost Browser.
  3. Remove any checkboxes for data you do not want to import. 
  4. Click Import.
    Note: If you've already created a bookmark before importing your bookmarks from another browser your imported bookmarks will be placed in a folder on the bookmarks bar. If importing from Internet Explorer, all bookmarks are placed in a folder called Imported from IE. If importing from Firefox, all bookmarks are placed in a folder called Imported from Firefox. 

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