Installing and Activating Ghost Proxy Control - Free Plan Users Only!

Accessing Ghost Proxy Control

Ghost Proxy Control now comes pre-packaged with Ghost Browser and works right out of the box during your 30-day free trial. 

If you upgrade to Premium when your free trial expires, Ghost Proxy Control will continue to work out of the box. Not working?  Contact us.

If your trial subscription has ended and you continue with the free version of Ghost Browser, you need to activate Ghost Proxy Control separately by adding your extension license key into the browser.

DO NOT remove your premium or trial license key to add an extension (E-) key.

Installing and activating Ghost Proxy Control

If your trial subscription has expired and you want to keep using Ghost Proxy Control as a free subscriber to Ghost Browser, you must get a license key.

  1. Go to the Ghost Proxy Control Page, click Add to cart, and then click Checkout.
  2. Review your order and click Next Step.

  3. Enter your contact information, click the checkbox for the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, and then click the Free download button. If you already have an account with Ghost Browser please sign in with those credentials. The Purchase Confirmation page appears.
  4. In the Payment section of your receipt, you'll see your extension license key beginning with E- as seen highlighted in the screenshot below.

    Note: Your license key is also included in an email that is sent to your email address. You can also find your license key anytime on your  account page
  5. Click the browser menu in the upper right corner and select Ghost Browser Premium.
  6. Enter your extension license key in the License Key field and click Submit.
  7. You'll see a confirmation message that your key is accepted as seen in the screenshot below.

Need help? Contact us.