Session in Ghost Browser is a colored tab that is isolated from the other tabs so you can log into a web site multiple times. 

There are two kinds of Sessions in Ghost Browser. The global Session is the first Session you see when you open the browser. It has gray tabs. The global Session shares cookies among all Projects. So if you want to be logged into your work email and Trello, for example, in the same account in every Project, you can use the Global Session to achieve this. 

The other kind of Sessions are colored Sessions. They are isolated from each other AND by Project. So if you log into a Pinterest account in the Purple tabs in your first Project, you won't necessarily be logged in when you open a purple tab in a different Project. 

Opening a New Session

To open a new Session, right-click on a tab or a web page and select New Session Tab from the context menu. You'll notice that a new tab with a different color opens, the first color being a purple tab. This color coding on the tabs will help you easily identify which Session (or client) you're working in.

How to use Sessions

Here are some examples of how you can use Sessions:

Social Media

Let’s say that you want to open five different Twitter accounts in the same browser window. This simply isn't possible in other browsers. With Ghost Browser, you can open as many accounts on the same website as you want! To open five Twitter accounts, simply open five different Session tabs and sign into your Twitter accounts in each one.


Or maybe you want to run a Google search with ‘clean’ search results (search engines usually show results based on your past searches). A new Session in Ghost Browser lets you see completely unbiased search results.   

These are only a couple ways you might use Sessions. The only limits are your imagination!

What's Next?

Once you have your Sessions set up, you can save a group of Session tabs, with the login information stored into a Project so you can come back to that workflow any time with once click and you'll be logged into all of your accounts. Learn more about Projects.

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