Ghost button: Ghost Browser’s central command station

The Ghost button is located just to the left of the address bar in Ghost Browser. When you click the Ghost button, a menu displays beneath it. This menu is the central command station for your Projects and Sessions.

It displays all the active Sessions for your current Project under Current Project Details, and also displays all your other Projects under All Projects

From here you can open, rename, and duplicate Sessions, as well as view and access all tabs in a Session. You can also save, open, rename, lock/unlock, and delete Projects.

How to use the Ghost button

You can use the Ghost button to perform bulk actions on one or all Sessions, including refreshing pages, clearing browsing data, adding the Session(s) to your bookmarks, and opening the Session(s) in a new window.

To access these options, click the Ghost button. Under Current Project Details, select either an individual Session to perform the action on a single Session, or select Global to perform the action on all active Sessions within your Project. The following menu appears:

This menu has the following options:

  • Show tabs: Select this sub-menu to display all the tabs within the Session(s) in list form and jump to a particular tab.
  • Refresh this Session: Refreshes all tabs in the current Session(s).
  • Clear browsing data: Removes all browsing data from cookies, local storage, or both. Websites store your browsing history and other data in both places.
  • Bookmark Session to a folder: Adds the current Session(s) to your browser’s bookmarks.
  • Extract Session to new window: Opens all tabs in the current Session(s) in a new window.
  • Close Session: Closes all tabs in the current Session(s).

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