Assigning a proxy to the active tab, Session, or Project

You can assign a specific proxy to the active tab, Session or Project.

Understanding Proxy Hierarchy

If you set a proxy in the Override connection for section, it overrides the Rotate through my proxies for each Session feature.

If you assign a proxy to a tab, it overrides any proxy assigned at the Session or Project level. Likewise, if you assign a proxy at the Session level, it overrides any proxy assigned at the Project level.

Assigning a Proxy

To assign a proxy to the active tab, Session or Project:

  1. Click the Ghost Proxy Control extension icon in Ghost Browser.
  2. Click the menu to assign a proxy to the  Active tab, Session or Project, and select which proxy you'd like to use.Notes:
    • Direct (no proxy): Routes traffic back through your direct connection.
    • System Proxy: Uses the system proxy (if any) you set at the browser (via PAC and/or 3rd party extension) or OS level.
  3. Click Reload

Confirming Your IP Address

After assigning a proxy to either the tab, Session or Project level, you can confirm the IP address was assigned correctly in two ways as described below. These methods can be used to confirm the correct IP address was assigned at the tab, Session, or Project level.

  • Right-click on a web page and your IP address will display at the bottom of that context menu as seen in the screenshot below. OR...
  • Open a new tab in the same colored Session as the Session you'd like to check and Google "what is my IP?" It will show you your IP address at the top of the page.

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