Adding proxies in bulk

To add proxy information in bulk as a .csv file:

  1. Click the Ghost Proxy Control icon in Ghost Browser.
  2. From the Ghost Proxy Control window, select Add/Edit Proxies. The Proxy List tab appears.

  3. Click Bulk upload proxies.

  4. Click Export Proxy List to download a properly formatted .csv file.
    Note: This .csv file will include any proxies you have already added. Be sure not to add or change column names.
  5. Enter proxy information in the .csv file and save the file.
    Note: The Custom Name column is required but if you leave this blank, we will automatically number each proxy (1, 2, 3, etc.).
  6. From the Proxy List tab in Ghost Browser, click Import Proxy List.
  7. Select the updated proxy list .csv file and click Open. Your proxy information is entered into Ghost Control Proxy. 

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