Locking and unlocking a Project

As you work in the Home Project or any other Project, Ghost Browser saves that particular Projects history separate from the history of other Projects. So if you open a Project that has five tabs, then add 3 more tabs while working, the Project will now have those same 8 tabs the next time you open it.

That’s how unlocked Projects work.

If you have a Project with 5 tabs and lock it, then it will always have those 5 tabs when you open that Project, regardless of what you do while working in it.

How to Lock a Project

To lock your project:

  1. Click the Ghost button.
  2. Mouse over the Project you want to lock, and select Lock Project state.

Want to unlock your Project instead? Follow the same instructions above but this time, select Unlock Project state.

How to use Project locking and unlocking

When you create a Project, you're saving a series of Sessions that you use frequently. For example, if you’re a social media manager with three clients, you can open your client's Facebook and Twitter pages and save them all as one Project.

By default in an unlocked Project, when you open a Project, Ghost browser displays the Sessions that were open when you last closed the Project.

Locking a Project allows you to return to a particular state for a set of Sessions, no matter where your browsing journey takes you. This is great for people who tend to open a lot of tabs while working but would like to return to a 'clean' work station every day.

For example, if you always want to return to the profile page of each of your social media accounts, you can lock your Project state when these profile pages are displayed in your Project. Then you can continue to work and browse to your heart’s content. The next time you open the Project, you'll see the profile pages of all your social media accounts.

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