Request a Feature

Think you have an idea of how to make Ghost Browser even better? We’d love to hear it!

Public Feature Request Board

Before you send us your idea, check out our Public Feature Request Board in Trello to make sure somebody else hasn’t already submitted it. If your idea is already there, there’s no need to submit it.    

You can subscribe to any feature request to track the progress of it, and you can vote for any requests you like. The more votes a request gets, the more likely we are to consider it.

Please keep in mind that we may decide not to develop your feature request. We’re always working to make Ghost Browser better, and that means focusing on the most relevant features that benefit the most users.

Submitting your feature request

To send us your idea of how to make Ghost Browser better:

  1. Go to our Contact page.
  2. Select Feature Request from the What Can We Help You With drop-down menu.

  3. Fill out the form.
  4. Click Submit.