How Ghost Browser can reduce your resource usage

Ghost Browser is a productivity tool, designed to make you work faster. While we didn’t set out to create the world’s fastest browser, there are some features of it that have the by-product of increasing your speed.  

For example, if you currently use multiple profiles to manage your social media accounts or test websites (or for any other reason), you are using a lot of your computer’s resources to do that. If you have extensions installed for each profile, it uses even more resources.

Ghost Browser is faster than other browsers because we allow you to run multiple sessions in one browser window, so other profiles do not use additional resources. Using less computer resources is simply a byproduct of having everything in one profile.

That being said, we're not building Ghost Browser as a faster alternative to Chrome. Our focus is on your productivity. The fact that it’s faster is just a pleasant byproduct of that.

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