Using Ghost Browser’s Quick Tabs extension

Managing the Quick Tabs extension

To set the options for or disable the Quick Tabs extension:

  1. From Ghost Browser, click the customize and control icon and select Settings.
  2. Click Extensions in the left hand navigation panel. quick tabs.pngNote: To disable Quick Tabs, remove the checkbox from the Enabled field.
  3. To set the options, click Options. The Quick Tabs window appears.quick tab settings.png
  4. Select the Quick Tabs setting that you want to use.
    • Load all tabs at once: This is how Ghost Browser works without this extension. If you have a lot of tabs in a Project, they will load slowly as they are fighting for resources. This option is not recommended.
    • Load one at a tab with priority given to active tab: This option opens the active tab first. This is the most productive option so it is the default.
    • Load once a tab has been made active: This option keeps all tabs in a Project in snooze mode until you make them active. When you click on a new tab, it will load. This is a good option if you pay for Internet and have limited data.
    • Load once a tab has been made active and clicked: This option is like the one above, but displays the page title and URL. When you decide it is the one you want, you can click anywhere on the page to load it.
  5. Click the X to close the Quick Tabs window.

How to use the Quick Tabs extension

Quick Tabs is a Ghost Browser extension that comes automatically installed. It allows you to control how tabs load when you open a Project, or when you open web pages in a new tab.

If you have a lot of tabs in a Project, they will open slowly as they are all fighting for computer resources. This feature allows you to prioritize which tab loads first.