What are Sessions and Projects?

A Session in Ghost Browser is like having a totally separate browser with a fresh cookie jar and separate local storage. Each of your Sessions is totally isolated from all other Sessions.

A Project lets you group and save a set of related Sessions so you can access them later. Projects store the authentication state of each Session and tab so if you are logged into any accounts when you close a Project, you’ll automatically be logged back in when you reopen the Project.

How to use Sessions

Here are some examples of how you can use Sessions:

Social Media

Let’s say that you want to open five different Twitter accounts in the same browser window. This simply isn't possible in other browsers. With Ghost Browser, you can open as many accounts on the same website as you want!


Or maybe you want to run a Google search with ‘clean’ search results (search engines usually show results based on your past searches). A new Session in Ghost Browser lets you see completely unbiased search results.   

These are only a few ways you might use Sessions. The only limits are your imagination!

How to use Projects

Here are some examples of how you can use Projects:

Social Media

For Projects, let’s say you’re a social media manager and are managing Twitter, G+ and Facebook accounts for three different clients. You can open a Session for each of your three clients and then open three tabs within each Session for the Twitter, G+ and Facebook accounts for that client.

You can save all three Sessions as a single Project. When you open the Project, all three Sessions (and all 9 tabs) will automatically display in Ghost Browser!

Web development/QA

Or let’s say you are a web developer or QA manager and need to test multiple websites and each website has multiple user levels. You can open a Session for each website, open a tab within each Session for each user level for that website, and then save all three Sessions as one Project.