Importing Chrome bookmarks, extensions, and settings

We’ve made a tool which allows you to easily import your Chrome data into Ghost Browser. You can choose to import any of the following data:

  • Search history (for URL auto-complete)
  • Bookmarks
  • Passwords
  • Autofill form data
  • Extensions

We take your privacy seriously. When you import this information into Ghost Browser, it is stored locally and is never transmitted through our servers.

To import bookmarks, extensions, and settings from Chrome to Ghost Browser:

  1. From Ghost Browser, click the customize and control icon and select Import Chrome extensions and settings. The Import bookmarks and settings window appears. chrome import.png
  2. Use the From menu to select the Chrome profile for which you want to import the data into Ghost Browser.
  3. Remove any checkboxes for data you do not want to import.
  4. Click Import.
    • All imported bookmarks are placed in a folder called Imported.
    • If Chrome is currently open, a message appears asking you to save all work in Chrome. Once you have done this, click Force Quit and Import. If you are prompted more than twice to quit Chrome, open Chrome and select Menu > Exit.